Why Publishing A Digital Magazine Is So Darned Smart

Create a Visibility Boom (Part 3 of 7)

Welcome back!

Steph here again – let’s dive right into to part three in our seven-part series about why publishing a digital magazine is so smart.

Note: Even if you’re not considering a digital magazine, you’ll still get value from reading this series. You can read part one here and part two here.

Last week I had a half-day session with one of my awesome clients — we’ll call her Jane.

Jane was frustrated.

She had been blogging consistently and putting out high-quality newsletters. The content she was writing for her blog was top-notch stuff that she could easily package and sell.

But nobody was reading it (except for her existing clients).

She said to me (paraphrase), “I’m wondering what the point is. I feel invisible. The only people reading my content are the people that are already working with me. It’s not bringing in any new subscribers or readers. I’m totally frustrated.”

Can you relate?

This is a common lament for many entrepreneurs – they know that they’re producing great quality content but nobody’s reading it. So it feels wasted.

Totally frustrating.

And they feel invisible. In this noisy online world – where everyone is competing for attention, getting noticed is getting progressively harder.

So what do you do?

First, you keep doing what you’re doing. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water just because you don’t have a ton of traffic just yet. One of the big mistakes many entrepreneurs make is to stop just before they actually some traction. Truth? It takes time to build an audience!

But that doesn’t mean that waiting and waiting for people to take notice is ALL you can do!

It’s time to go the extra mile – and do what most people won’t to get noticed in your market. And that usually requires going beyond the status quo.

It could look like:

  • Writing truly exceptional content that gets shared (but you’ve got to do some work to get it out there to BE shared)

  • Building collaborative partnerships to create referral opportunities

  • Getting yourself to a lot of networking events and conferences to meet new people

  • Doing something different – if everyone’s doing X, do Y instead

  • Hosting a joint venture project (telesummit, collaborative ebook, digital magazine, video summit) to multiply your visibility through other people’s communities

  • Guest blogging on other high profile sites

  • Getting media attention for your business

Which ones are you using (or could you use)?

We (Gina & I) both use a number of these for our businesses – one is usually not enough to really grow your visibility.

But can you guess which strategy has had the biggest impact for us both?

No surprise to hear it’s the digital magazine. 

Because a magazine is such a visually attractive piece of content, it’s very easy to share — people are happy to tweet it out and post it to their Facebook walls.

And, because it’s also such a high-value piece of content (my last issue was 62 pages of pure content), people appreciate that it goes beyond the typical fluff content we find so readily online.

So if you decide to create a gorgeous online magazine, you can leverage list-building power, increase your profit potential AND grow your visibility – all in one issue (we haven’t even got to the other four reasons yet!).

Here are two other reasons why publishing a digital magazine has been great for my visibility:

1. Unlike a guest post (for example) the content lives on. It doesn’t fall back into the blog archives – instead it becomes a lead magnet that you can use to bring people into your community. It works short term and long term.

2. After publishing the first issue, I started to immediately get requests to be featured in the next issue. Now I get lots of them! This is great for me to build my network of peers that are excited about the magazine, willing to share it and potentially become partners down the road.

Bottom line?

Whether you’ve been in business two weeks or two years — you need to identify a few core visibility strategies that you’ll focus on to get your target market’s attention.

Some of those will be the slow and steady build (e.g. blogging, newsletters, podcasting etc). And others will give you big surges of visibility (telesummit, book, magazine).

Our best recommendation is to have some of each into your marketing mix — you’ll benefit from the compound effect of a few things done well consistently, AND the powerful momentum and growth that comes from activating a catalyst strategy like a digital magazine.

Create your own visibility boom with From Mags to Riches!

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Steph & Gina

p.s. watch for part #4 on Monday. We’ll be talking all about distinction and how to stand out in the sea of sameness.

p.p.s. we often get asked if this program is right for new entrepreneurs or seasoned ones. BOTH! This strategy is fantastic if you’re just starting out because it gets you on the map – fast. And for those who’ve been in business a while and want to break through a plateau, do something that distinguishes them for their competition or just add more value to their community – publishing a digital magazine works very well.