Why Publishing A Digital Magazine Is So Darned Smart

Stand Out From the Crowd (Part 4 of 7)

Hey! Gina here – Are you ready to dive into to part four of our series about why publishing a digital magazine is darned so smart?

Today we’re talking about… DISTINCTION.

Note: Even if you’re not considering a digital magazine, you’ll still benefit from this series. You can access the previous lessons here: Lesson One – List Building, Lesson Two – Income, Lesson Three – Visibility.

Let me begin by telling you about three of my joint venturous clients who were ready to set a catalyst strategy in motion – the kind that leads to new clients; friends-fans-and-followers; invitations to speak; media interest, high-level joint-venture partners and more.

three paper cup

… The first hosted a telesummit.

… The second published a collaborative e-book.

… The third published a digital magazine.

Which strategy do you think produced the best results?

I’ll reveal the answer in just a moment.

First I want to share a quick story.

Telesummits used to be my primary catalyst strategy.

I’ve hosted the Networking Masters Telesummit in 2007, 2008 and 2009, How Does She Do It Telesummit 2010, The Laptop CEO Summit, List Attraction Week.

I feel like I’m forgetting something but you get the idea – I’ve been around the telesummit block a number of time. And, there’s a reason why they aren’t my #1 strategy today.

By 2010, it seemed like EVERYONE was doing telesummits (they still are).

The evidence poured into my inbox almost daily (still does)… an invite to XYZ telesummit.

Today, everyone is still trying to stand out with them – BUT they’re all dressed the same way, which unfortunately gets them – IGNORED.

It’s like 10 women showing up to an event wearing the same dress. Can you imagine?!

And I know it’s not just me feeling this way.

I’ve had this conversation with my clients who tell me that they are ready for a business breakthrough but they can’t stomach the idea of doing a telesummit. They understand that it’s significantly harder to stand out when everyone is doing them.

If you want REAL traction and BIG results from your online marketing efforts – boring, vanilla and been-there-done-that should never describe your strategy – ever.

So if not a telesummit, then what?

Now let’s look at the results from the 3 types of joint ventures I was telling you about earlier…

All things being relatively equal i.e. # of experts, launch campaign, etc, the digital magazine results were THREE TIMES GREATER than the telesummit!

Here are the numbers (rounded off)…

  • GOOD: Telesummit = 500 new subscribers
  • BETTER: Collaborative e-Book = 850 new subscribers
  • BEST: Digital Magazine = 1500 new subscribers

Telesummits may not be dead (yet) but they’re definitely not what they used to be.

And did you know a telesummit is the most COMPLICATED of the three?

Yep and I’m speaking from personal experience. I’ve done them all – personally and alongside of my clients.

A bunch of graphite pencils with one red in the middleA digital magazine is the daring red dress at the online marketing party that stands out and gets noticed.

It works so well because a very (very) small percentage of online entrepreneurs are publishing them.

One of our From Mags to Riches program graduates calls it the WOW Factor

She noticed that people were really surprised and impressed that she publishes a digital magazine. Not only that, she’s the only one in her industry that does.

How’s that for distinction?

And that’s not all. This distinction advantage makes it easier to find experts to contribute content and you’ll discover that everyone loves to spread the word about them too.

If you love the idea of rising above the been-there-done-that with your own digital magazine, our signature program, From Mags to Riches is now open.

You can check out the program details at http://frommagstoriches.com — and join a community of digital magazine publishers who are truly reaping the rewards of going the extra mile with this catalyst strategy.

Bottom line: Digital magazine or not, in order to enjoy the best results possible it’s vital to leverage a point of distinction – a strategy that lifts you above the sea of sameness that is so rampant online these days.

Gina & Steph

p.s. watch for part #5 in a few days. We’ll be talking about profitable relationships.

p.p.s. we often get asked if this program is right for new entrepreneurs or seasoned ones. BOTH!

This strategy is fantastic if you’re just starting out because it gets you on the map – fast.

And for those who’ve been in business a while and want to break through a plateau, do something that distinguishes them for their competition or just add more value to their community – publishing a digital magazine works very well.