Why Publishing A Digital Magazine Is So Darned Smart

Build Your Know, Like + Trust Factor (Part 6 of 7)

Welcome back! 

Steph here to bring us into the homestretch of our 7-part series.

Note: Even if you’re not considering a digital magazine, you’ll still benefit from this series. You can access the previous lessons here: Lesson One – List Building, Lesson Two – Income, Lesson Three – Visibility, Lesson Four – Distinction, Lesson Five – Relationships and Lesson Seven – Leverage.

Today we’re going to talk about Credibility.

Bottom line? It doesn’t matter WHAT business you’re in – bricks & mortar, online-based, service-based, product-based or a combination of them all — for people to buy from you, they need to believe that you’re a credible business person and that your offerings can help them.

That’s really the baseline – as we all know that people buy from people they know, like and trust.

And the icing on the cake is when that credibility turns to authority — and we become recognized as one-of or THE go-to person in our industry. That’s when everything really gets rolling.

So how do you build credibility? 

Of course there are many ways — from blogging to speaking to networking to writing a book to being really darn helpful to people in your target market. There are many paths to credibility – and you’ll need to make sure you’re carving out your very own.

Now, no big surprise here – but this is another place where publishing a digital magazine shines.

Think about it – you want to get attention of your ideal customers — maybe that’s fellow business owners, maybe that’s stay-at-home-moms, or maybe that’s an HR department in your local corporate headquarters.

Regardless, you want to get on their radar and let them know why you’re the right choice for them.

How do you do that? 

Well, you could put together a slick brochure and pop it in the mail, you could take out advertising that will hopefully get noticed, you could schedule private in-person meetings with key decision makers or you could send them links to some of your best blog posts.

All of these are totally viable options – and I’ve personally used many of them.

But what if you could create content-rich, aesthetically pleasing digital magazine that showcases your expertise and abilities in one powerful package that your competition is likely not leveraging.

Not to mention the instant cred that happens when you say, “I’m the publisher of X magazine.”

Here’s why it works (in my humble opinion). 

1. If the articles and content is relevant and useful, you’re winning points for giving them quality content they can use. And that goes a long way — and positions them to think, “If this is what she gives away for free – I can imagine her paid content/expertise would be pretty tremendous.”

2. It demonstrates that you go above and beyond — that you’re creative, you care about quality and that you’re a true PRO at what you do. Because most people just do the basics – this will instantly set you apart.

3. It’s a door-opener. Want to get the attention of key influencers? A form letter or quickie email could work — but what if you also included a industry-specific, useful magazine that spoke directly to what their challenges are – and addressed some of them? My hunch is that you’d get a meeting faster than the other guys. 😉

And big picture? 

It’s a great piece to include on your About Me page and your Media/Speaking page. Again, it sets you apart as a publisher of your own magazine. And that instantly says, “this woman goes the extra mile and is committed to her business and customers.”

So while we of course think that publishing a digital magazine is a powerful way to become an authority in your niche, more than anything, we just want you to be considering how you can boost your own authority in business and really become known as the credible expert and business owner you are.

If you’ve concluded a digital magazine is it – we’d love to help you with that. It’s why we created the From Mags to Riches program.

You can read more about it – here. And, when you register before Friday September 6, 2013 you’ll save a whopping 50% ($500) because the next time we offer it, the price will double.

Steph & Gina 

p.s. If you have any questions about how publishing a digital magazine can work for YOU and YOUR unique business we’re happy to help you evaluate this strategy. You can message us at hello (at) extramilewomen (dot) com